Terms and conditions

  • All the items (goods) offered by us are guaranteed as genuine and original ones.
  • Payment for the purchased items is considered to be settlement of the order.
  • The buyer is considered to be the rightful owner only after the particular bill (invoices, orders) is fully paid.
  • If the buyer does not pay the determined amount for the ordered goods within the agreed time (latest within 20 days after a completed order is sent) without stating a serious reason, the seller (NUMFIL s.r.o.) is entitled to increasing of the agreed purchase price by 5 % per month. However, if even after one month the amount for the ordered items is not paid, the seller is entitled to 15 % of the agreed purchase price (but minimum CZK 20,000) as damage compensation (indemnity) for the unpaid order.
  • We reserve some time for sending items (e-mail, sending of a bill) which you ordered and paid for, latest within 14 days after we obtained a dully completed order from you.
  • The prices of the items offered by us are in EURO.
  • Postage and packing charges will be included in the purchase price proportionally to the weight of the consignment and fees (insurance etc.).
  • Orders are handled according to the date of acceptance and we give priority to the orders which arrived earlier.
  • The Seller reserves the right to reject or cancel a dully completed order.