Exclusive service Ancient art and numismatics banking

Ancient art and numismatic banking offers specialist consultancy for selection, purchase or sale of mainly historically precious gold colds (especially from the Classical Civilisation, Middle Ages until nowadays), medals and faleristic jewels (orders and decorations) and rare specimens mainly from the period of cultures of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Near East.

The experience which we gained all over the world, mainly in the European countries and the USA, is applied very well by us when assisting our potential clients especially in the field of numismatics, faleristics, notaphily and ancient art etc. With the service of Ancient art and numismatic banking, our company NUMFIL s.r.o. offers to you good knowledge of the field with a strong background of our strategic foreign partners. As an independent consultant, we can offer you our experience and after mutual agreement with the client we can recommend a certain conception for extension of his investment portfolio when choosing these rarities, including their purchase. However, this activity is not possible without an up-to-date and complete analysis of the particular item in the market in the world.

By means of our approach and activities connected with Art banking we would like to support our clients in their positive attitude to art, to awaken passion for collecting and protecting in them and to help them to be sure in their selection.

On the basis of our experience we can offer the following to potential customers:

  • mediation of these transactions for private purposes or institutions
  • financial services – payment for an instalment (over about 200000.- euro)
  • expert opinions and certificates of origins of goods
  • organisation of transport – insurance, customs clearance and other necessary legislative formalities
  • assistance with listing and archiving of collection
  • organising of exhibitions
  • fully personal attitude
  • discretion
  • global information survey in the particular areas gained on the basis of long-term experience from all over the world, mainly in the European and American markets
  • assessment, purchase or sale of the individual specimen or whole collections
  • assistance with getting a basic outline of the market

Highly demanding selection of really valuable and quality specimen in the global market and complexity of determination of a valuable item requires a very specific know-how and long-term specialist experience which our well-established company has due to its long-term work experience.

We take part in auctions worldwide in order to purchase or sell these rare specimen, mainly in the world famous auction houses in Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, Basel), England (London), Germany (Munich, Osnabruck), USA (New York, Los Angeles), Denmark (Copenhagen), France(Paris), Finland (Helsinki), Sweden (Stockholm), Belgium (Brussels) etc.

Checks of genuineness of valuable specimen are performed in the above specified world famous auction houses by means of the latest computer and other available first-rate technology. Due to this fact it is practically impossible that these rare items would be fakes.

Every transaction concluded with the client is implemented on the basis of absolute discretion and with all the guarantees. The whole transaction is absolutely transparent and the client can follow the whole process of purchase continuously, or to participate in calculation of prices at the auctions currently in progress.